Fitness With No Judgement

Fit Frenzy offers a judgment-free environment that embraces individuals of all fitness levels.

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Explore a variety of fitness classes at Fit Frenzy, tailored for all levels and preferences.

Cardio Classes

Cardio dance classes for all levels. Enjoy music, have fun!

Strength Classes

Boost strength in daily activities with fun, music-filled classes for all.

Stretch Classes

Gentle stretch classes for all levels, relax muscles and enhance flexibility.

Fitness Is Fun

At Fit Frenzy, we laugh, share, and support each other—and get fit while we’re doing it!

No Judgement

Body, moves, and rhythm don't matter at Fit Frenzy. We support self-improvement without judgment.

Non-Tradition Gym

Fit Frenzy offers a wide variety of classes, ensuring a fun and enjoyable workout experience.

Never Stop Moving

Exercise at Fit Frenzy involves any type of movement, regardless of appearance, rhythm, or direction, as long as the body is moving.

Why Choose Fit Frenzy Studio

Looking for a place where you can be yourself, meet great people, get some exercise, and feel better leaving than you did going in? That’s what you’ll find at Fit Frenzy. Stop by and give us a try – you’ll be back for more!


Drop In Package

$ 10.00 / Daily
  • Senior Discount (65 and over)
  • $5.00 / Daily

Monthly Package

$ 95.00 / Monthly
  • Senior Discount (65 and over)
  • $75.00 / Monthly

Quarterly Package

$ 250.00 /Quarterly
  • Senior Discount (65 and over)
  • $210.00 / Quarterly


Have questions? You can call or email us directly, or you can fill out the form on to the right and we will contact you.

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